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We are specialists in building solutions for retirees and other low-tax investors seeking to generate higher levels of income. Our strategies encompass global and Australian equities.


Plato Academy

The Plato Academy is where we share our insights on income investing, global and domestic share markets and the major events and announcements that impact our investors.


Our Team

We are a team of highly experienced investment professionals, portfolio managers, and quantitative analysts. Our aim is to deliver attractive, tax-effective investment outcomes for clients.

Think income. Think Plato.

Australian Shares Income Fund

The Plato Australian Shares Income Fund is a long-only equity income fund managed specifically for zero tax investors who can utilise franking credits.


Plato Income Maximiser (ASX:PL8)

Plato Income Maximiser is the first and only Australian Listed Investment Company aiming to pay monthly dividends. A diversified portfolio of Australian shares is actively managed with the taxation perspectives or retirees front of mind.


Global Shares Income Fund

The Plato Global Shares Income Fund is a long-only equity income fund that aims to provide an annual yield exceeding that of the MSCI World ex Australia, Net Returns Unhedged Index after fees.


Global Market Neutral Fund

The Plato Global Market Neutral Fund aims to generate consistent returns with a low correlation to equity markets. The Fund takes long and short positions in global equity securities, employing a bottom-up, fundamental approach.



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Retirement investing and income specialists

Plato Investment Management is an Australian-owned boutique fund manager. Our investment strategies are tailored to maximise income for pension phase investors and SMSFs.


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