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The Motley Fool: The Plato Income Maximiser Fund (ASX:PL8) pays a 7.6% yield in monthly dividends

A lot of retiree or older investors will be looking for income and the more the better in today’s ultra-low rate world.

After all if you’re in retirement you’ll want income today to meet your everyday expenses or perhaps pay for the odd overseas holiday.

The more regular the income the better as this should help to manage expenses and cash flows.

The Plato Income Maximiser Fund (ASX: PL8) is an exchange traded actively managed fund (structured as an LIC) run by Don Hamson’s Plato Investment Management.

Moreover, it pays income monthly income distributions and managed to dish out 12 fully franked 0.5 cent per share dividends over the past 12 months. On a $1.13 share price that equals a yield of 5.3% plus the benefits of full franking credits to take the gross yield to around 7.6%.

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