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Plato Global Shares Income Fund rated highly by SQM



15 March 2016: The Plato Global Shares Income Fund (“the Fund”) has been given a “Superior” “High investment grade rating” of 4 1⁄4 stars from independent research company SQM.

SQM noted the rating reflects the “highly qualified and deeply experienced portfolio management team” and the “specific dividend capture strategy that is relatively unique to the equity-income category.”

In a strong start to the year the Fund has already delivered 1.7 per cent in net income in its first 3 months, and is well on its way to delivering its target 6 per cent net income in its first year, approximately 4 per cent higher than the typical yield on the MSCI World Ex Australia (global shares) Index.

Plato Managing Director, Dr Don Hamson welcomed the rating which recognises the unique strategy developed for a very specific market. “The Fund has been designed specifically to deliver high levels of income in a sector which is not known for strong income”, explained Dr Hamson. “This suits the needs of retirees who require strong income to fund their retirement needs, but also need the diversification benefits of global equities to reduce the total risk of their investment nest egg”.

Currently the Plato Global Shares Income Fund is available on the HUB24 and ClearView WealthSolutions platforms, and has been added to a number of Approved Product Lists.