Income generation

Income generation refers to the level of income that a particular security produces.

Income growth

Income growth refers to the growth in income of a particular security over a particular period. For example, it can provide a picture of the rate at which companies have grown their profits.

Input tax credits

These are tax credits that can be claimed on the tax paid on the inputs of the product.


A listed investment company whose function is to invest in assets, similar to a managed fund but with a company structure.


The ability to purchase or sell an asset without causing a substantial change in the asset’s price. Cash is the most liquid asset, because it can be sold for goods and services instantly with no loss of value.


Having a long position in a stock means you own the security and have the right to collect dividends or interest the security pays and the right to sell it.  Long-only funds refer to funds that do not take ‘short’ positions on securities.  Short positions occur when you borrow a security from an existing holder […]

Managed risk

Plato’s managed risk products seek to stabilise portfolio volatility and protect against losses during major downturns.

Management costs

The MER or management expense ratio is expressed as a percentage and is the total fees that is charged to investors in a fund.  This fee is used to contribute to the many operating fees associated with running a fund such fees paid to management, marketing costs, legal, auditing and filing costs, and other administrative […]

Market inefficiencies

The efficient market hypothesis is a theory which asserts that the market prices of assets always accurately reflects all relevant information. Market inefficiencies occur when assets do not accurately reflect “true” value and enable active investors to achieve higher risk adjusted returns than the market.


An unlisted managed fund admitted under the ASX Operating Rules that investors can invest in through the mFund Settlement Service via their stockbroker or adviser.